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Unexpected additional time for review

June 27, 2009

Apple writes, the day after submitting for review:

Your application, Baby on a beam 1.0, is requiring unexpected additional time for review. We apologize for the delay, and we will update you with further status as soon as we are able.

No idea what that means. Maybe they took MJ day off. Bandwidth had slowed to a crawl this end in any case. RIP King of Pop.


iPhone screen died

May 14, 2009

My iPhone screen dies on first day of alpha testing. Look out for mushroom cloud over CBD if it is not replaceable today. About to hop on my bike and dash down to the Apple Store. *fingers crossed*

Best test report so far comes from Twitter. We’re on as @napkingames

bettinac: @michela my iphone has been hijacked by 9 & 13 yr old girls going crazy over #babeonabeam

Baby is balancing

April 2, 2009


A day of firsts all round. We got a set of basic assets into the project to test the balancing mechanic. Already I can see that with the proper attention to tweaking difficulty this could be fun to play around with. I’m inspired a litttle by Pocket God which has done really well on the basis of it being more entertainment than game.

A few hiccups setting up the asset management pipeline. I gave up trying to get the Unity Asset Server running on Debian and set up a new CentOS box specifically for unity version control. We have now tested checking in both art and code updates and while I’m still a bit suspicious of proprietary version control software (what’s under the hood?!) so far so good.

Unity really is quite amazing in its capabilities. Today I finally got a baby balancing mechanic to play with and there is hardly any code written so far.

Unity3D rocks

February 22, 2009

Spent the day installing Unity3D tutorials and learning the basics of this 3d game engine. I’m impressed. I haven’t looked at engines for a few years and they have come a long way. I particularly liked the Island and Lurpz demos. I think I can now confidently say that our baby game can be done in Unity Indie. The physics engine is going to make the balancing act some fun on the iPhone.

I’ve also sent off for my Unity iPhone publishing trial. Looking forward to seeing my tute creations on the handheld.