Babe on a beam


Status: Available now for iPhone and iPod touch!



8 Responses to “Babe on a beam”

  1. Babe on a beam on AppStore « Napkin Games Says:

    […] on a beam on AppStore By michela Babe on a beam is on the iPhone AppStore. Yay! Now to start thinking about the next release. Check it out, tell […]

  2. IPHONEWATCHERS.COM » Blog Archive » Babe on a beam Says:

    […] – Easy does it 2 – A lil dance COMING UP: 3 – Cloud jumping 4 – Babes and Bees Talk to us! Website: Support Website: […]

  3. Babe on a beam - iApper Says:

    […] Support Website: […]

  4. Torbjörn Kämblad Says:

    Hello there!

    You sent a promo code to my editor that you also released at the forum meaning it was already used: XRTEXTKY3Y4E in this thread

    Please send a new US promo code to my private email if you want me to take a look at Babe on a beam for

    /Torbjörn, iPhonegamesnetwork

  5. User testing at City University Interaction Lab « Napkin Games Says:

    […] University Interaction Lab By michela City University London’s Interaction Lab has used Babe on a beam to demo its mobile user testing service. Thanks for that […]

  6. Scott Says:

    Is this a sign of cluckiness .M. ? 🙂

  7. michela Says:

    Nah.. though I can see why you’d get that idea. 😀

  8. Video game production hub for Babe On A Beam « Rack&Pin Says:

    […] game production hub for Babe On A Beam Babe on a beam is an iPhone game available from the iTunes AppStore. Rack&Pin provided the online hub used by […]

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