Animations import gotcha

A few days slip by and then suddenly it’s over a week since my last post… Today’s work was all about trying to smooth out our animation pipeline. Due to the nature of the game (balancing a character with the iPhone’s accelerometer) we didn’t notice at first that animations were not being imported properly.

What at first seemed to be a minor issue turned into something more worrying – Unity seeming to add spurious keyframes to the FBX animations exported from Maya. Advice via the forums suggested that we needed to look at using an earlier FBX exporter but even with a 2006 version the same problem occured. What seems to have fixed the problem though was separating each animation into separate files. Initially we had grouped multiple animations into FBX files and cut these up in Unity. Doing the slicing in Maya seems to have done the trick. *touch wood*.

Waiting for Colorado to wake up to confirm this.



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