Babe walks down beam

Using Unity’s remoting feature, I’ve just tested the core game mechanic, balancing a baby on a beam. Very satisfying end to the week. Still some issues, principally that the iPhone build crashes almost immediately but on the desktop it’s looking pretty good. Animation blending works very nicely and physics takes over when you lean too far to the left or the right.

We changed the pipeline today after realising that we were ending up with redundant meshes in the project. I have a feeling that the instability on the actual device is related to the current size of the build – 30Mb.

I’ve set a deadline of Tues morning for our first complete build of all components. At that point I’ll have a better perspective on what additional challenges we might need to incorporate to make the initial release memorable. That said, I’m feeling pretty good about the project given that everyone starts smiling when they take over the controls. That can’t be too bad can it?


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