The comedown

It had to happen. After spending a good 24hours with Unity3D, where I got rather over-excited about the possibilities of mobile interactive entertainment,  there had to be some form of comedown. Today is it albeit a mild one.

There was some sweating overnight over how to best resource this game with the available budget. It’s a pretty simple idea but the money is pretty tight considering we’re dealing with an unknown quantity. The memory of lessons learned from doing Horses for Courses are fIooding back. I need to flesh out as much of the spec as possible before getting other people involved. Given that we are looking at using a proprietary game engine, I see my job upfront as to get to grips with its constraints and limitations and make sure our spec is achieveable. It’s very promising how many of the game features I was able to mock up in the space of the weekend but the devil will be in the detail. I particularly want to make sure that any art pipeline issues are understood early on in case they impact on how artists work on this.

Waiting for Apple to respond to my iPhone Developer registration. Waiting for Unity to respond to my iPhone publishing trial request. So no new developments on the game front. I decided to go sideways and dive into ObjC last night. Eew! After a few too many years using modern object languages the verbosity of this one is a tad unpleasant. Nevertheless I do get through Hello, World quckly enough only to find out that without my $99 Apple iPhone rego, I don’t get to put _anything_ of my own on the device. Bracing myself for some pain when my code signing profile arrives. There seem to be a fair few people complaining about code signing but at least one blogger has taken the time to explain how the signing certificates work.

I’ve also been investigating the HRM SaaS (Human Resource Management Software as A  Service) marketplace today in anticipation of there being more than a few eager participants when the job ads go up. If there is one thing I don’t particularly enjoy as a producer, it’s wading through job applications without a system in place. Registered for an open source one called OrangeCRM.


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