I’ve been staring at this litte shrink-wrapped box for a few days now. Clearly not a hardware geek. I think it’s time to open it and get this iPhone game on the road. My reluctance to break the seal comes down to knowing that this thing is going to be a time-sink and I’m bracing myself for disappointment. Apple and its weird approach to customer relations really leaves me cold.  I expect to fall in love with the device, have been tweeted constantly about this thing, but at the same time I’m no Apple fan-girl. I never bought an iPod. It took me eight years in the industry before I bought my first Apple. But this week I’ve grabbed a 16Gb iPhone 3G and it’s an exciting milestone. My first game project has been greenlit and if all goes well, we will have something on the iPhone App Store before too long!

I’ve been mucking about with game code since the mid-80s, written various designs, but never actually shipped a title. It’s all about product placement folks. And as anyone in the industry can testify, there are a lot more unexecuted game ideas then there fun games to play. Game design is hard work. After many an interactive production, but never an arcade game, I’m looking forward to the challenge of making some cheap and cheerful mobile entertainment.

Without revealing too much about this project I will say that I’m really chuffed to be working with an iPhone 3G. I was determined not to buy one of these little things until I had some real use for it. Working on a fun little game is a great way to kick off the so-called Year of Doom and Gloom.

I’m not quite sure where this blog is going to lead but I thought I should start putting down some thoughts as I go. I’ll be getting the team to post updates here as we go where possible as well.

So far so good. My E.P. has come up with a cool concept and I’m happy with the game design docs as they’re progressing. Now I need to get an iPhone dev environment set up which involves upgrading my Macs to Leopard.

So first, time to rip off the plastic…


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